Tracy Powers

Tracy Powers maintains a focus on client satisfaction. She positions professionals with industry leaders. Tracy is an Executive Search Consultant, complemented by 15 years of industry experience. Her private database taps into the top players of today, as well as tomorrow’s rising stars. She helps maximize your bottom-line by sharing “hard to find” professionals. Her boutique recruiting approach mandates a sole concentration in finding the “hidden talent” to solve your business need or provide skills to complement your existing team. Tracy works inside your marketplace every day and holds an inside track on professionals who embrace advancing technologies and techniques. Never has it been more important to hire the best and outperform the competition. Her many years of search and placement provide a solid foothold in an aggressive marketplace. So, enjoy an edge on the competition. Tracy Powers is firmly grounded by accumulated experience, and leverages that knowledge into long-term partnerships for the future.

Contact information:
Direct: (562) 366-1566